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Film Scoring

Original custom music soundtrack for a video, short film, animation, or audiovisual media in sync with the image. Any genre, style, mood, and length is possible.

Video Game music

Original custom music made for a video game or in video game style (such as 8-bit), it can be loopable if needed. Any genre, style, mood, and length is possible.

Songs and Arrangements

Original songs from theater and children's music to pop and rock. Arrangements of given songs or re-creation of backing tracks. 

Cinematic music

Original custom music in a cinematic style (epic, medieval, action, inspirational, emotional, nostalgic) that doesn't need to be composed in sync with a video. 

Original jingles

Short tracks of music jingles/intros/outros (from 15 secs to 1 minute) to use on a podcast, youtube channel, twitch, or advertising—typically simpler genres with fewer instruments and complexity.

Sound: Design Mix Editing

Original sound FX, editing, and mixing of your podcast, youtube channel, short film, or video.

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