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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you going to get?

1. Original and unique music custom-made with your requirements 
2. 3 revisions after the first delivery
3. mp3 and wav files
4. Stems of the music (MIDI or Audio). Extra
5. A track ready for commercial use 
6. Commercial Rights (I’ll keep composer credits). 

What do I need from you?

For me to start composing, I need the following information: 
1. What length do you need for the music? 
2. For when do you need the first delivery? 
3. Please, send me references for the music. 
What genre/style/mood are you looking for?
4. Do you need any other versions of the music? Do you need the stems?
5. Do you want me to mix my music with other elements? (Dialogues, sound effects, voice-overs.)
6. Do you want me to work on SFX as well? 

If you are not able to answer those questions yet, I can help you figure it out. It’s really important to define everything as much as possible before starting, that’s what will allow me to make a great delivery from the start. 

How does the copyright work?

The music will be entirely made by me. It will be unique and you’ll be able to use it when and wherever you want. I’ll only keep credits as a composer (which means I can show it as a part of my work and portfolio). I’ll send you a document made by me where I say the characteristics of the track and give the rights to you (but this is not a legal document). 
To really assure legal rights, you would have to register the piece on the rights organization of your country, this is just a way for you to have some backup in case anything happens.

How does the payment work?

¿How does the payment work?
You will make 50% of the payment upfront so I can start working on your music. After we make all the revisions and corrections needed and you are happy with the result, I’ll receive the other 50% of the payment. 

We can do the transfer through: 
TransferWise (preferred):
Bank Transfer

I hope to be working together really soon, looking forward to hearing from you!

Let's talk about your project!

Tell me about your project and your needs!
The more specific you are with the requirements and specifications, the easier it will be for me to get to the best result as quickly as possible.

Thanks for submitting!
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