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Custom music composer for film

About Me

Hey! my name is Nela Ruiz. I am a custom music composer for media. 
My music composition career began at Ars Nova school of music (Caracas, Venezuela). I also made two three-year careers at Tecson (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to become a sound technician and a music producer. I've been playing the guitar for around 12 years. I studied with teachers specializing in jazz, Latin, and classical music. I've also taken many courses about music composition for films and video games, music teaching, music business, marketing, and social network.
I am passionate about filmmaking, original stories, and especially everything related to animation films, sound design, and the post-production world. 
For three years, I have worked as a freelancer on many projects making original music in different styles for short films, video games, youtube channels, podcasts, advertising, audiobooks, and more. I compose different music for different purposes every day, which makes me genuinely flexible and adaptable when it comes to music writing, arranging, and producing. 
I also had the opportunity to make original sound design, edit, and mix for various video games, short films, and audiobooks/podcasts. 

Custom music composition is an alternative to copyright-free music websites such as Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Audiio, and Musicbed. With a music composer, you’ll get custom music specially made for your project that will follow your exact needs, you’ll also have the option to edit, change, or make different versions of the same track, that’s something that you can’t get with premade music. This is an excellent option for filmmakers, content creators, and podcasters looking for music that is unique and made with specific requirements. 
I take pride in being very communicative, committed, and professional; I also love challenges and exploring with music.

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