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Custom music composer for film

About Me

I started my music journey through the guitar, which became more and more professional by taking jazz, harmony and music theory classes with different teachers.

Then, I entered the Musical Composition career at the Arsnova music school (Venezuela) where I spent about 4 years studying all kinds of subjects and practices related to composition, arrangement, and musical ensemble.

Later, I studied the Sound Technician and Music Production careers at Tecson (Argentina), from which I graduated and started working making small compositions such as intros for podcasts and YouTube channels.

Little by little my clientele grew and I gained more and more experience composing for larger projects with a huge variety of styles, genres and requirements. Worked on many short, animated and feature films, completing hundreds of projects of different types.

Today I have more than 800 jobs completed, which has given me a great capacity to adapt when composing different types of music, from orchestral or cinematic to electronic music.

I am excited about the new projects that may come and eager to learn and challenge myself every chance I get.

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